Monday, October 6, 2008


Darnit! No surgery date yet! I went to my appointment on October 1st and all went well. I was told that all my tests came back normal and that I'm a good candidate. They submitted all the paperwork to Medicaid and as soon as it's approved they will be calling me to schedule pre-op and surgery. I am a little disappointed though, since I don't have an exact date yet, but Dr. Scott reassured me saying that Medicaid approves it rather quickly and it should only be a couple of weeks!

I was really stuck on which implant to go with but in the end I decided on Cochlear Nucleus. It was a bit smaller than the AB and I liked that it had more programs and the battery options. I went with beige/flesh colored, even though I was really digging the grayish/blue one, I knew it wouldn't look good with my orange hair! Speaking of hair, after seeing all these pics of half shaved heads, I started to ask Dr. Weber not to take much off. I was really, really shocked when he told me that he won't be shaving ANY off! Wow!
I felt like I was dancing on cloud nine walking out of there! :-)

So for now, I'm excited, a bit nervous and patiently waiting!

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Abbie said...

Congratulations on your getting set up for your date :) I'll be looking forward to hearing the actual date and counting down with you.